What we do

One word: content.

We’re obsessed with words over here, whether we’re using them to describe the mouth-puckering flavor of homemade lemon curd or explaining how to properly fold egg whites into sponge cake batter. It’s our job to help turn your readers into fans, and that starts with one blog post or email at a time.

how can we work together?

Content Writing

This is the heart and soul of our work: transforming your finely-tuned recipes into posts that turn readers into followers. We use the best tools to make sure every post resonates with your readers and the search engines, too.

Email Marketing

Give your readers something to get excited about! With our custom-tailored email marketing approach, you’ll be able to reach your subscribers better than ever before.

Content Updates

Give your old content new life and get a traffic boost while you’re at it! Our content updating system balances industry best practices with storytelling to make your forgotten posts new again.

At the core of who we are

We are passionate about crafting reader-focused content to help you tell your story and build community around your brand.

real people with real results

Content Writing

rev up that content plan and give it a whirl

This is our bread and butter. We specialize in content writing for food bloggers, which means we write recipe posts, informational posts, and any other type of new posts you’d like! Each one is written to your specs and in your tone and style, so you can just add your photos and go!

What elysia said:

Rachael has been so amazing to work with! She is incredibly professional, delivers her work on time and has remarkable written communication skills.

What amy said:

I was also blown away by the clicks from the moist-cake email!!  And all the emails have been doing really well– I didn’t realize how much better RPMs are from email visitors until we started doing this!  Saturdays have consistently been my best day, thanks to you. 

Email Marketing

test out our data-driven system for building an email list with heart

Data and heart? Yep. We’re obsessed with numbers almost as much as we are with words. We use several different metrics to develop a personalized content plan that tells your story while getting your readers to fall in love with you.

Content Updating

an old, out-of-date post is like buried treasure. dig it out, dust it off, and let it sparkle

Updating old posts is kind of like decluttering your closet. It’s messy and can be overwhelming on your own, but it’s way easier with a friend. Right now, your old content is dead weight. Let’s find some new keywords, bring the posts back to life, and reclaim some of that lost traffic!

What Tayo said:

I have complete faith in her abilities and don’t feel the need to constantly check her work. It didn’t take long for Rachael to understand my style of writing and my approach to making updates, which has made my work so much easier!