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Blog Content Updating

One of the most powerful ways to grow your traffic quickly is to leverage your existing content. That’s easier said than done, though. Finding the right posts to update and then scouring the SEO tools for the best new focus keyword takes so much time!

We’d love to help bring your old content back to life and give your blog a refresh!

Our content updating system (at-a-glance)

let us build you a custom content plan based on your existing content to increase your blog traffic and revenue

Content Deep Dive: We study your blog stats to see which posts are a good fit for updating. Then, we intently research each and every post (and keyword) to find the best keyword phrase and related terms to include in the post.


Start Fresh: We use your preferred post structure to make sure all your updated content looks just like your newest posts, then we update the post in RankIQ to make sure it’s rated an A++!


Reformat & Publish: Once your post has been restructured and revised based on the best practices, we’ll either send you the updated post via Google Docs or reformat and republish the post on your site. Mission accomplished!

let’s get into the details

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, we are prioritizing offering updates for our existing writing or email marketing clients. If you are only interested in updates, please feel free to contact us to see if this would be a good fit.

Great question! Updates require a delicate approach, and our update will depend on the post’s ranking and the quality of the content.

We find that many bloggers ask us to update their earlier posts, which are generally way too short and in a totally different post structure than they use now. Those posts may be generating some traffic, but usually not much!

These posts require a more intense approach where we lay out the new post outline, salvage as much content as possible, fill in any gaps, and make sure the content flows smoothly. We make sure the post reaches an A++ rating and looks as good as new!

Posts that are already ranking well generally need a lighter touch. This usually looks like adjusting the content as needed to get an A++ rating on RankIQ, which includes tweaking the existing content, adding an FAQ section, and making other changes as needed. This aligns with current industry best practices about post updates. If you know your posts generally need a lighter touch and won’t take as long to update, we can talk about offering this work at an hourly rate instead of an price per update.

The rate per updated post is $50, which includes reformatting the post to fit your current post structure (if needed), revising the content, filling in any gaps, and making sure it reaches an A++ rating on RankIQ. This usually includes adding or expanding an FAQ section as well.

The updates are delivered via Google Docs (or saved directly in your RankIQ account, if you’d like), or we can format the updates directly on your site for an additional $20 per post.

If your post has less than 300 words of salvageable content, we will need to treat this as a new post.

Need help with keyword research? This tends to be a time-consuming process, doesn’t it? We will help you find ten posts to update and the best keyword phrases to focus on for each one for $250.

Absolutely! SEO is a must these days. We would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t deliver posts that speak to the search engines and your clients.

We always follow best practices regarding headers, keyword implementation, internal links, and more. We also love to make content skimmable and easy to read whenever possible, which tends to work well for everyone!

Our secret weapon is RankIQ, though. Rachael’s been using this tool since 2022, and it makes it so much easier to write posts that rank! Most of our current clients use RankIQ and share access to their accounts with us via LastPass, but this is not required.

Prefer a different tool? We’re quick learners! We’re happy to learn your favorite tool or teach you our favorite tips for using RankIQ.

That depends on a few things. First, we always ask every client for a preferred post structure, which can just be the recipe post template you use on your blog! We either need a Google Doc with this information or access to the post template on your site (great for people who want us to update the posts directly on their site).

We will also need the focus keyword and the link to the post you’d like to update.

For posts delivered on your site, we’ll need access to your site, and you’ll want to download the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin (or a similar tool).

If you need help finding keywords for your updates, we would need additional information about your account from Google Analytics.

Want us to update your posts directly in RankIQ? You can share access with us via LastPass!

We generally request 5-7 days per update and can gladly deliver up to 6 updates at a time. So, if you need ten updates, we can send six the first week and four the next or five each week until they’re complete.

We can currently handle 4-6 updates per week per client. We can certainly offer less if you prefer! Some clients like to get as many updates done as possible and will order batches of 10-15 updates at a time.

That’s up to you! Once the content is updated, we can either send it over via Google Docs or update the post directly on your site using the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin.

There is an additional $15 charge for updating the post on your site.

We highly recommend using the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin, specifically the Rewrite & Republish feature. It makes the process SO much easier!

It basically allows you to create a duplicate draft of your published post, which you can edit as much as you like before the changes are published.

If you try to update without a tool like this, you either have to send your post into draft or make all the changes before you click “update.” Neither of those options is great and can cause problems.

This free plugin allows us to edit and reformat your post as much as needed while also giving you time to review the update before we hit publish. It’s a game-changer!