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We like to think that your blog posts are where your readers meet you, but your email list is where they get to know you. This is where your brand truly comes to life, and the storytelling starts. In your emails, you get to bring together the how (your posts) and talk about the why.

We know that for most bloggers, those weekly emails fall to the bottom of the to-do list. It’s exhausting trying to come up with something new to say all the time!

This is where our custom, data-driven email marketing approach comes in handy. We’ll do research into your niche and site, then create a personalized email marketing plan that promotes just the right posts at the right time.

Leverage our email marketing system to build your brand

let us build you a custom content plan based on your existing content to increase your blog traffic and revenue

Reader-Focused: From the words we choose to the layouts we develop, each email is written to turn your readers into raving fans.


Built around you: We believe you have a unique message and voice that resonates with your readers, and we build a content plan around the content you’ve created and your unique perspective.


Data-Driven: Once a teacher, always a teacher! Numbers help us understand how well your readers are responding to your emails. We love A/B testing subject lines and watching those open rates and CTRs grow!

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Sample Emails

Want to see what we’re talking about? Check out the samples below to see how we’ve grown our clients’ blogs through their emails!

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ready to see your email list finally start working for you? let’s get to work

Since it can take up to two weeks for us to develop your initial content plan, conduct a deep dive into your current account, and perform in-depth research in your niche, it’s best to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later!

That means you’re just 1-2 weeks away from a totally managed, hands-off email list that shakes things up and gets your readers paying attention!

What Amy said:

I was also blown away by the clicks from the moist-cake email!!  And all the emails have been doing really well– I didn’t realize how much better RPMs are from email visitors until we started doing this!  Saturdays have consistently been my best day, thanks to you. 

Rachael is not your average writer… She consistently goes above and beyond by providing me with content ideas, recommendations for posts to update, product and marketing ideas and strategies to grow my email list.
elysia, haute & healthy living
the details

Here’s what we offer

Whether you’re starting from scratch, running on fumes trying to keep up with it all on your own, or your email inbox has digital tumbleweeds rolling through, we’re here to help.

Curious about the logistics? Take a look at the FAQs below or reach out for more information. 

package one

The Spark Package

If you’re ready to start building a brand around your blog, this is the place to start! We’ll identify the perfect topics to write about, craft emails that answer your readers’ burning questions, and monitor their performance every month.

  • Custom content plan built around your brand and existing blog content
  • 4 weekly deep-dive emails to promote your content
  • Monthly performance metrics

Price: $325 per month

All emails are formatted directly in your email platform and scheduled once per week. Depending on the topic, they may range from 400 to 600 words and include lists of up to 10 posts. For an additional $75, we will create a custom email template to make your new emails sparkle.

package Two

The Dazzle Package

After studying our clients’ emails and our own, we’ve found 2 emails per week to be the sweet spot. This generally looks like one longer email on the weekends (we get the best open rates on the weekends!) and one shorter check-out-my-new-recipe email during the week. Tried-and-true!

  • Custom content plan built around your brand and existing blog content
  • 4 weekly deep-dive emails to promote your content
  • 4 weekly individual post emails to promote new or existing content
  • Monthly performance metrics

Cost: $485 per month

All emails are scheduled directly in your email platform. The weekly deep-dive emails may range from 400-600 words, depending on the topic, and may include lists of up to 10 posts. The individual post emails are 150-300 words.

package Three

The Ignite Package

This is our favorite package for a reason. Not only are you sending two high-quality, on-brand emails every week, but you’re also building an email challenge that can build your brand forever!

  • Custom content plan built around your brand and existing blog content
  • 4 weekly deep-dive emails to promote your content
  • 8 individual post emails to promote new or existing content (scheduled twice per week)
  • 1 custom-built email challenge
  • Monthly performance metrics

Cost: $850 per month

All emails are scheduled directly in your email platform. The weekly deep-dive emails may range from 400-600 words, depending on the topic, and may include lists of up to 10 posts. The individual post emails are 150-300 words. The email challenges are designed to promote a specific series of posts, and they include 5 emails with up to 400 words each. Additional emails are available separately if you prefer a longer sequence.

let’s get into the details

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer fully managed email services from developing to content plan to pushing send! This is the basic flow of how it works:

  1. You apply to work with us, and we chat to make sure this is a good fit before sending over a contract.
  2. Once the contract is signed, we gather information from you to get to know your blog as well as getting sign-in information for your email marketing platform.
  3. Then, we develop a custom-tailored content plan built around your blog, your brand values, your unique background, your existing content, and the niche (this process takes approximately two weeks). We share this content plan with you for review before we begin drafting emails.
  4. You review the content plan and let us know if you want to make any changes to the schedule, etc.
  5. We begin drafting your first set of emails and send them over for review at least one week before they’re scheduled to be published.
  6. You review the emails and request any edits or changes (we typically only offer one round of edits to keep on schedule).
  7. Once the emails are approved, we schedule them in your email platform and watch them go out!
  8. We review the performance of your emails and adjust future emails to increase reader engagement. We also prepare a monthly snapshot to show you what we’ve tried and how it’s going.
  9. Rinse, wash, and repeat!

We can help you send:

Weekly deep-dive emails: These are longer, more knowledgeable emails (400-600 words) that either teach a skill, explain a specific post in-depth, or promote a list of recipes. These start at $65 per email, including formatting and scheduling them on your email platform.

Individual post promotions: These are shorter emails (150-300 words) that get to the point quickly. They’re great for promoting new or old content, and can generally be sent 1-3 times per week depending on your following. These are $35 per email, which includes formatting and scheduling them in your email platform. I

Email challenges: Need a new lead magnet? Turn a series of posts or recipes into a free email challenge! This is way easier than pumping out a cookbook, and it’ll keep working for years! The rates for 5-day email challenges start at $225 (including setting up the sequence and formatting the emails).

Welcome sequences: Want to welcome your new readers to your email list? Send a series of five emails spread over two weeks to help them learn about you, find your best content, and understand what makes your blog unique. Rates start at $225.

These email offers are always available as a standalone item, or you can add them to your current package.

Please review the packages above to see our current offerings. If you have a specific request that has not been covered, please reach out on our Contact page.

Yes! You can change your package any time before your monthly payment renews. To avoid any problems, please give us at least 1-2 business days to adjust your billing cycle.

We have the most experience with Convertkit and Flodesk, and some experience with Mailchimp. If you use a different tool, just let us know! We’re quick learners and would be happy to learn another system for you.

Yes! We always send over your email drafts at least one week before we need them. You’re then able to ask us to change the photos, adjust the content, etc.

Yes! We love writing email sequences or challenges. Our rates for 5-email sequences or challenges begin at $225, and that includes formatting them directly in your email platform.

Our email services are fully managed, which means we create your content plan, write out each individual post, draft the emails on your email platform, and schedule them. To do this, we need to learn about you, your writing style, and your existing content.

We’ll also need access to your email platform, usually ConvertKit or Flodesk. You’ll receive a simple form to gather all of this information at once, so it’s way easier than it sounds!

Success starts with a good plan, and planning takes time. At this time, it takes us 1-2 weeks to create your custom content plan. When it is complete, we will send it to you for review. This document is always a work in progress, so we can easily adjust the topics to fit your needs!

Yes! We’re number nerds. We compile a monthly data analysis to share your email engagement rates and other notes based on our observations and tests.

We believe that every list has the potential to be really interactive with lots of people opening and clicking, but that takes time.

We’ve seen brand new lists with exceptional rates (like click rates near 20%), but we’ve also seen existing brands with enormous lists really struggle to get even 5% of their readers to click the link.

Our goal is always to aim for an open rate of 50% and a clickthrough rate of 5% or more. Some emails will perform lower than that, while some exceed it. This is why it’s so important to consider your average rates.

Additionally, some niches will see higher engagement during different seasons, just like you do with your overall site traffic.

We work diligently to learn what makes your readers tick, and that takes time. We recommend waiting at least three months for us to shake off the cobwebs and get some real data on what works and what doesn’t!

We’ll also provide suggestions based on our observations and tests. This may include changing your overall email schedule or format, deleting cold subscribers, resending posts to unopens, and more. Your results may vary from those provided in the testimonial, but I promise that we will always give your list everything we’ve got!