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Meet rachael

Former elementary teacher & long-time blogger turned professional

My love of blogging began way back in the early years of blogging: 2012. Back then, blogging was a totally different creature. SEO was definitely not a thing, and most of us were still using blogs like public journals.

I started noticing a shift in blogging. Suddenly, there were these blogs gaining lots of traction in the search engines and the bloggers were telling everyone that they were actually making money from this! Do you remember those old income reports from Pinch of Yum? Mind-blowing!

Well, that changed everything for me. I was already into the recipe writing and storytelling side of blogging, but if that could become a job? Who could be so lucky?

Over the years, I started and shuttered a handful of blogs while I held down “regular” jobs. Eventually, I went back to grad school to become a teacher.

Even while I was working in what felt like my dream job at the time, I still had this lingering desire to be a blogger. The thought of getting paid to teach people how to can or bake was too overwhelming. How could I not just try?

In 2022, I left my teaching job after three years, started Bright Spark Writing, and doubled down on my dreams.

Learning how to run a blog and a busy writing business at the same time has been quite a journey, but it’s also incredibly exciting and rewarding.

The best part? I truly have the best clients. There’s nothing I enjoy more than being in the trenches with other people living a life of their own making. It’s so rewarding to see their businesses grow over the years and to know we played a hand in that.

We’re in it for the long haul! If you want to work with professional writers who will love your blog like they’re own, please reach out. We’re waiting for you!

Rachael is not your average writer… She consistently goes above and beyond by providing me with content ideas, recommendations for posts to update, product and marketing ideas and strategies to grow my email list.
Sophia R